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Dabih303 is the main and solo electronic music project created by Daniel Becerra, PRODUCER & DJ active since 2014 focused on the abstract styles of Techno. He sonically experiences fast speeds between 140 to 160 beats per minute, characterizing his music mainly by the polyrhythmia in his percussions, forceful progressive bass, rhythmic melodies composed by bass with high levels of resonance that generate the famous "Acid" sound; metal leads and pads also accompany and represent the sounds of the constructions that in their hometown Bucaramanga, take away the color of the mountains and increasingly expand the concrete jungle, greed, intolerance and heartbreak among its inhabitants. Their songs are accompanied by vowels with satires that unconsciously want to incite doubts and reflect on the public about their lives and their social environment while enjoying the dance. Dabih303 is the owner of Acid Mountains Records one of the firts Acid Techno labels in Colombia who focus on creating faster and psychedelic techno styles. His music is playing and supported by artists as Pet Duo, Vlado, Ciuciek, Fil Devious, Nesbit, Veztax, Mr Madness and the legendary Stay Up Forever crew from the UK with the distribution on