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Fire Burkingyouth 03:19
Ink Burkingyouth 04:25
Dive Burkingyouth 03:31
Down to the Ocean Burkingyouth 06:00
Windmills (In the Land) Burkingyouth 03:38
Rainy Day Burkingyouth 04:39
As Time Goes By Burkingyouth 03:41
In the Water Burkingyouth 04:08
All That Shines Burkingyouth 03:17
Lighthouse Burkingyouth 03:40

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First Lights
Slow Changes

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There is a particular energy in Burkingyouth music, drawn from its French-Norman roots. A living and contemplative energy, that catches you before you get the time of being surprised At the crossroads of clear bewitch pop and aerial rythms of a polished-by-time rock, Burkingyouth opens its universe with the intense conviction this energy is accessible to anybody. Alone on stage, free and without any safety net.