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Remnants Be'lakor 06:14
Abeyance Be'lakor 08:04
Locus Be'lakor 10:49
The Dream and the Waking Be'lakor 09:17
Countless Skies Be'lakor 10:00
Much More Was Lost Be'lakor 12:11
Venator Be'lakor 08:37
Fraught Be'lakor 06:46
From Scythe to Sceptre Be'lakor 06:58
Roots to Sever Be'lakor 07:05

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Taking their name from a demonic Warhammer character, Be'lakor have carved themselves a niche as Antipodean exponents of the genre known as melodic death metal. The oxymoronic genre is more typically associated with bands from the Nordic school of Gothenburg death metal rather than Be'lakor's native Australia. Geography notwithstanding, the band earned their melodic death metal stripes by performing a series of critically acclaimed gigs throughout northern Europe backed up by increasingly successful album releases. Popular heavy metal webzine Metal Storm voted the band's 2009 release Stone's Reach as the year's best Melodeath/ Gothenburg metal album. Their 2016 album Vessels, released on Napalm Records debuted at number two on the iTunes Metal Charts. This, the band's fourth album also saw a personnel change with new drummer Elliott Samson taking over from Vanden Broeck. After concentrating their efforts towards winning the hearts and minds of fans in the death metal heartland of northern European audiences, the band performed a series of gigs across major Australian cities in 2016 which saw the band consolidate their position with their home audience.