Titres de la playlist

Viva La Vida 2CELLOS 03:41
Smooth Criminal 2CELLOS 04:10
With Or Without You 2CELLOS 04:51
Whole Lotta Love 2CELLOS 04:04
I Will Wait 2CELLOS 04:05
The Trooper (Overture) 2CELLOS 04:32
Highway to Hell (feat. Steve Vai) 2CELLOS, Steve Vai 03:28
They Don't Care About Us 2CELLOS 03:22
Use Somebody 2CELLOS 03:27
Shape of My Heart 2CELLOS 04:34
Wake Me Up 2CELLOS 04:09
Hysteria 2CELLOS 02:50
The Resistance 2CELLOS 03:49
Fragile 2CELLOS 03:26
Smells Like Teen Spirit 2CELLOS 02:50
Human Nature 2CELLOS 02:47
Shape of My Heart 2CELLOS 04:34
Welcome to the Jungle 2CELLOS 03:08
Clocks (feat. Lang Lang) 2CELLOS, Lang Lang 05:38
We Found Love 2CELLOS 03:32
Every Breath You Take 2CELLOS 03:48
Time 2CELLOS 04:18
Hurt 2CELLOS 04:29
Orient Express 2CELLOS 03:10
Voodoo People 2CELLOS 02:45
Mombasa Jody Gwin 03:42
Silent Night 2CELLOS 02:28