Chill with Anjuna

The best tracks in downtempo & chill, curated by Anjuna. Perfect for studying, meditating & relaxing.

Titres de la playlist

Love In Our Hands Croquet Club 03:48
Lonely Star Omfeel, Mario Hammer And The Lonely Robot 04:02
Slowly Croquet Club 03:50
closer Cephas Azariah, Elle Limebear 06:08
Inner (for Jen) Joel Shearer 05:05
Happiness Omfeel 03:59
Loch Awe Turtle 03:49
Second Chance Jody Wisternoff, James Grant 04:31
Summer Dreams Omfeel, Dessin Bizarre 02:58
Magnolia Catching Flies 02:33
With Hope Sonnee 01:29
Acts Of Union Turtle 02:23
Glacial Jessie Marcella 04:22
And Yet (Gold Panda Remix) Will Samson 03:28
Medi Omfeel 04:31
Across All Planes Of Existence Turtle 02:12
Butter Notes Nils Frahm 05:21
Solace Croquet Club 03:13
Loved Four Tet 04:03
Begin Again Ben Böhmer 02:41
Let It Burn Parra For Cuva, Beau Diako, A Song For You 03:59
Lone Swordsman Daniel Avery 03:53
My Mother Was A Synthesizer Talee 03:23
Bless These Beating Hearts Turtle 02:12
here / present Cephas Azariah, Elle Limebear 04:58
Eden (Harlem) Nicholas Britell 02:54
To Where Dreams Are Nourey 04:06
Blush Jessie Marcella 03:28
Avril 14th Aphex Twin 02:05
La luna (Flica’s Moonlight Remix) D & the Compass, Flica 03:09