Selection by Les femmes s'en mêlent

From lost souls to boosted "rockers", from fiery political to lonesome "divas", from electro wizzards to traditional folk singers and Hip-Hop queens...

Titres de la playlist



Dawn Richard 03:05
TOUT ROULE Sally 02:50
Troubled Girl Drab City 03:23
Too Much Money Automatic 02:16
NO news on TV Noga Erez, Rousso 03:05
Gravity Detox Twins 04:42
Misconceptions on Forever Emily Wells 04:07
Senden Başka Kit Sebastian 04:20
About Work The Dancefloor (Edit) Georgia 03:14
Pushing Too Hard Free Love 04:18


Little Simz, Cleo Sol 03:46
Figure Me Out Peluche 05:00
Fous reflets SUPERBRAVO 02:42
Gone Sierra 03:36
S.I.T.C. Coals 03:45
BLAZING Ionnalee 04:05
Slow Motion Jane Weaver 05:06
Creep Goat Girl 02:21
Nabila Régina Demina 02:45
Mechanical Bull


Stella Donnelly 02:41
I Go to Sleep Anika 03:22
Journal of Ardency Class Actress 03:45
Drive Your Car L.A. WITCH 03:16
What the Hell Chastity Belt 03:35
Mauvais présage Requin Chagrin 05:43
Pyromane Régina Demina 02:51
I'm on Top Otha 03:22
zan Kim Ki O 04:32
Accidental Shannon Wright 03:39
Marry Me Farao 03:47