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Titres de la playlist

Hit Me Like That Snare


Alt-J 03:37
The People In Me The Music Machine 03:00
Tobacco Road The Nashville Teens 02:28
Kick Out the Jams MC5 02:40
Do It To Me The Experimental Tropic Blues Band 01:43
Match Bet Squid 04:18
Agony The Muffs 02:27
Lovely Allen Holy Fuck 04:31
Babies Are a Lie Pip Blom 03:04
The Third Pilot 03:02
Territorial Pissings Nirvana 02:22
Black Out Stout FIDLAR 03:00
Right Round The Clock


Sorry 04:04
Fall Down MNNQNS 03:00
R.I.P. In Peace Jessica93 04:38
So You Think You Can Dance Dead Pop Club 03:35
Ride My Bike Duck Duck Grey Duck 02:52
I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night) (Mono Single Version; 2007 Remaster) The Electric Prunes 03:00
Get a Grip B Boys 03:11
Heart-Shaped Box Nirvana 04:41
Homo Economicus Dirty Sound Magnet 04:11
Chains of Love The Dirtbombs 02:21
Wave Nova Twins 03:05
Why Generation FIDLAR 04:28
Fever Dreaming No Age 03:47
What'll It Take Graham Coxon 04:29
L'homme pressé Noir Désir 03:45
Shred for Summer DZ Deathrays 03:59
Aneurysm Nirvana 04:45
Joy Division Bruit Noir 06:11