Back To The Old Skool Happy Hardcore | Ministry of

Celebrating 30 years of Hardcore, we’re taking you back to the early 90s rave scene. Think chipmunk vocals, repetitive kick drums, and euphoric piano chords…

Titres de la playlist

Crowd Control (Slipmatt Remix) Ramos, Supreme, Sunset Regime, Slipmatt 05:30
Sample-Mania DJ Seduction 04:52
Higher Love J.D.S. 05:52
Really Love U Dougal & Mickey Skeedale 06:09
SMD#3AA SMD 05:51
Six Days (Remastered) Jimmy J, Cru-l-t 07:28
Feel Free Dougal, Vibes 04:57
Perfect Dreams DJ Force & The Evolution 05:23
Airhead (Slipmatt’S SMD Remix) Brisk 04:45
Forever Young (Radio Version) Interactive 03:44
On Top (Hixxy Remix) A Sense Of Summer 04:42
Here I Am Ham, Demo, Justin Time, Becks 05:19
Partytime Dougal & Eruption 04:11
Got To Go (Chris Fear & Jenny J 2014 Remix) Dougal, Mickey Skeedale 04:22
Bust The New Jam DJ Seduction, Eruption 05:42
Sunshine Slipmatt, Eruption 05:42
Fly Away (Hixxy Mix) Visa 04:39
Devotion Sy, Demo 05:49
Follow The Sun (90 In The Shade Mix) Triple J 05:39
Midnight Express (Steamtrain) Hopscotch 05:31
Heart Of Gold '98 Force & Styles 07:45
Now Is The Time Scott Brown 04:14
Love Of My Life Dr. Who 06:13
Rainbow In The Sky (DJ Pauls Forze Mix) DJ Paul 03:27
Sail Away (Al Storm & Seduction Remix)


Bang! 05:53
Luv You More (Dj Paul´s Forze Remix) DJ Paul Elstak 06:19
As Cold As Ice Stingray and Sonicdriver 04:23
Shooting Star (Al Storm HS Remix)


Bang! 05:11
Set You Free (1994 Edit) N-Trance 04:14
Through The Darkness Mickey Skeedale, Jenna, Jenna Barr 06:06