Albums - IMPALA European Album of the Year Award

21 albums, taken from the 22 albums nominated for this year's IMPALA European Independent Album of the Year award. Not available on Deezer: KayaKata - "Sadaa"

  • par Impalamusic
  • 223 titres
  • 15 h 37 min

Titres de la playlist

10/15 5K HD 03:18
Boulevard 5K HD 03:17
I Am Emotional 5K HD 04:46
Effortlessly 5K HD 03:06
Crazy Talk 5K HD 03:06
How Can I Be 5K HD 03:33
In, Out 5K HD 03:13
High Performer 5K HD 04:01
Selfish Lover 5K HD 03:37
Kill Your Rituals 5K HD 02:05
Can't Grow Up The Valerie Solanas 03:58
I Found my Way to Jesus The Valerie Solanas 04:25
The Statuette The Valerie Solanas 08:31
Lonely Housewives The Valerie Solanas 03:25
Masquerade The Valerie Solanas 06:39
Winter Blossom The Valerie Solanas 03:22
Walk Me Through The Valerie Solanas 05:44
4th Dimension The Valerie Solanas 06:00
Kind to Love The Valerie Solanas 03:13
Fisherking (The Meeting) J.R. August 05:29
Dangerous Waters J.R. August 05:01
The Brown Trout and the Nightingale J.R. August 09:02
Crucify Me J.R. August 05:01
Let's Get Together J.R. August 04:39
Lead the Way J.R. August 07:13
River Runs Through J.R. August 05:46
Mindheart J.R. August 06:50
When I Wake up Tomorrow J.R. August 03:14
Něco ve mně chrčí Vladimir Misik 03:54
Zarmoucen V klidu... Vladimir Misik 03:38