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Titres de la playlist

La belle vie Sacha Distel 02:05
Le sud Nino Ferrer 04:35
Boa Sorte Vanessa da Mata, Ben Harper 03:44
Sky and Sand Paul Kalkbrenner, Fritz Kalkbrenner 03:50
Sunny Marvin Gaye 02:49
Everywhere Fleetwood Mac 03:42
Something About You Hayden James 03:45
Cumbia Sobre el Mar (feat. Nidia Gongora) Quantic & Flowering Inferno, Nidia Góngora 06:04
West End Girls Pet Shop Boys 04:01
She Drives Me Crazy (Remastered) Fine Young Cannibals 03:37
On You (Radio Edit) Kazy Lambist 03:27
Les voiles Poom 04:33
Midnight City M83 04:04
Midas Touch Midnight Star 03:53
My Boo (Hitman's Club Mix) Ghost Town DJs 05:46
Abatina Calypso Rose 03:44
Love Come Down Evelyn "Champagne" King 06:05
Voyager Daft Punk 03:47
Canopée Polo & Pan 04:36
Hot Hands Darius 04:13
Brutal Hearts (FlicFlac Radio Edit) Bedouin Soundclash 03:26
Dancin (feat. Luvli) (Krono Remix) Aaron Smith, Krono, Luvli 03:18
She Can't Love You Chemise 03:37
Keep On D Train 06:39
Sparks & Ashes The Blaze 03:04
Only You Steve Monite 06:21
Agitations tropicales L'Impératrice 04:08
Older Parcels 03:27
Overnight Parcels 03:39
Seabird Alessi Brothers 03:53