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Titres de la playlist

Dare Me


Beach Fossils 02:25


Royel Otis 03:05
Doubt Slow Pulp 02:35
Motorbike Momma 03:21
shutting me out EKKSTACY 02:26
Your Apartment Wallows 03:18
Lose Hannah Jadagu 03:16
Nothing Like Mannequin Pussy 04:09
This World Couldn’t See Us Nabihah Iqbal 03:39
Tarkovski BODEGA 04:33
You Can Be Mean Indigo De Souza 02:25
Sickly Sweet NewDad 03:23
Emily G Courting 05:47
Sadie Hawkins Prom Eyedress 02:14
Hollow Chastity Belt 03:54
Everything At Once Bleach Lab 04:42
The Wedding Courting 03:49
Electrostatic Winona Forever 03:52
This Time of Night Kurt Vile, Chastity Belt 04:03
I Need Ya Somebody's Child 03:05
I Want It All The Drums 04:55
Roman Holiday Fontaines D.C. 04:28
Know Better Sir Chloe 03:11
Sunday Momma 03:20
7 Up Phoebe Go 03:07
Oysters In My Pocket Royel Otis 02:42
Wiggy Gretel Hänlyn 03:35
Quarry Wednesday 04:07
Dial Tone Wild Nothing 03:22
Slime Marika Hackman 03:58

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