Buddha-Bar Early Years by Ravin [Official Playlist

The tracks that have made Lounge, downtempo and electronica history. Among them a good part of digital unreleased gems. An inner trip for the diggers and the first hour fans. Get ready to lay down and chill!

  • par Buddha-Bar
  • 33 titres
  • 3 h 13 min

Titres de la playlist

Magma Mama Ramasutra 06:07
You need (Right Now) (Ambient Mix) Trumpet Thing 04:04
Nie Kantshaietsa Jade Or, Bielka Nemirovski 04:41
Solitude Karunesh 06:55
Onon Mweng Oliver Shati & Friends 05:05
Straight to the Heart Sina Vodjani 08:00
Essarai Cantoma 05:41
Alibaba Karunesh 08:20
Far Away Trumpet Thing 05:40
Chair Ganga 04:09
Une table à trois Zen Men, Caroline 05:35
Sacral Nirvana Oliver Shanti & Friends 05:31
Indra David Visan, Carlos Campos 05:09
Close to Home Cellar 55 04:19
An Indian Summer Al-Pha-X 05:41
Breathe Bliss 04:39
Happy Dreamer Laid Back 04:26
Road Refractory 05:23
The Alkemyst Dos Hombres 05:43
The Mambo Craze (Extended version) De-Phazz, Pat Appleton 04:08
Indian Gypsy Ravi Prasad 04:59
Inshalla (Ya Salam) Angel Tears 05:15
Magma Mama Ramasutra 06:07
Drama in Japan Nacho Sotomayor 06:22
Manvantara Bliss 11:02
Don't Do Anything Nacho Sotomayor 05:33
Psique Francisco, Nacho Sotomayor 06:49
Irish Coffee David Visan, Carlos Campos 04:06
Arabian Song (Da Ghetto Fuckiro Club) Livin' In Da Ghetto, Moktar 12:33
Czardasz David Visan 03:09