Glass Danse

Catchy melodies for dark souls: regularly updated synthwave, electroclash, gothpop and more.

Titres de la playlist

Unfinished Symphony GusGus 04:25
Kill Cave Corlyx, Suzi Sabotage 04:10
Ghosts Electric Ashbury Heights 04:04
Recite After Me Marc Massive 03:43
Love At First Bite Suzi Sabotage 04:48
Tunguska Ashbury Heights, Corlyx 04:26
Legend Tobias Bernstrup 04:00
Church Outfit Poppy 01:54
Goth Sidewalks And Skeletons 03:27
The Construct Weird Wolves 03:07
Together Sono 02:56
Higher GusGus, Vök 03:55
Overdrive Weird Wolves 03:40


Zanias 03:47
Wasted And Alone Corlyx 03:11
Ghosts Again Depeche Mode 03:58
Player Of Games Grimes 04:05


Jinka, Catnapp, Recovery girl 02:44
Eternal Rest Sidewalks And Skeletons, CASHFORGOLD 04:30
Instamerica Weird Wolves 02:51
We belong to the night Blutengel 04:27
The Taste Corlyx 03:39
The Great Unknown Solitary Experiments, Kirlian Camera 04:52
Chiaroscuro (Single) Tobias Bernstrup 04:20
Meant to be alone She Hates Emotions 03:43
Shiny Weird Wolves 04:08
Future Politics Austra 04:09
Faces Ladytron 04:40
Voices Sidewalks And Skeletons 02:52
Accords perdus Derniere Volonte 05:30