100% Wax Tailor

Titres de la playlist

Shaman In Your Arms Wax Tailor, Jennifer Charles 03:11
Come With Me Wax Tailor, Victoria Bigelow 03:39
Que Sera Wax Tailor 02:44
Positively Inclined


Wax Tailor, Marina Quaisse, ASM 03:39
Freaky Circus Wax Tailor, Mr Lif, Napoleon Da Legend 03:21
This Train Wax Tailor, Voice, Ali Harter 03:56
Seize The Day Wax Tailor, Charlotte Savary 02:41
Searchin Wax Tailor, Kuf Knotz 03:04
Sometimes (Phonovisions Symphonic Version) Wax Tailor 04:11
Just a Candle Wax Tailor, Mark Lanegan 04:18
I Had a Woman Wax Tailor 02:39
Time To Go Wax Tailor, Aloe Blacc 03:29
Dragon Chasers (Instrumental) Wax Tailor 03:15
To Dry Up (General Elektriks Remix) Wax Tailor, Charlotte Savary, General Elektriks 03:17
Time To Wax Tailor 03:33
The Road Is Ruff (Instrumental) Wax Tailor 03:45
The Chase (JouRas Remix) Wax Tailor, Raashan Ahmad, Mattic, JouRas 02:58
Bleed Away (Instrumental) Wax Tailor 03:26
Down In Flames (Instrumental) Wax Tailor 04:02
Ghost Fiction Wax Tailor 02:48
Dusty Rainbow (Instrumental) Wax Tailor 03:16
Misery Wax Tailor, Rosemary Standley 03:15
The Games You Play Wax Tailor, Voice 04:13
Fear of a Blind Planet Wax Tailor 03:45
Our Dance Wax Tailor, Charlotte Savary 04:24
B-Boy On Wax Wax Tailor, Speech Defect 04:06
How I Feel Wax Tailor 04:18
For the Worst Wax Tailor, Idil 03:49
Say Yes Wax Tailor, ASM 03:38