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What is Midem Music Talks about? Midem Music Talks helps you face the main challenges and key trends shaping the future of the international music business via exclusive content from the Midem conference programme. Our conference team presents visionary conversations with the most respected decision makers of the global music industry to share insightful business tips, case studies, and technical solutions.


Fred Davis, Justin Kalifowitz and Kerry Trainor's thoughts about the future of artist and label services 31:54 10/08/2020
Amber Grimes and Nicole Wyskoarko guide to leadership and diversity in music 38:10 10/08/2020
Believe's Denis Ladegaillerie's vision on indie artists expansion and the future of the music business 31:59 10/08/2020
Pepsi's Ellen Healy's experience on brand's history and legacy in music 28:53 10/08/2020
Superstar Akon's discussion on his career and creative process 24:03 10/08/2020
Efe Ogbeni’s thoughts about the growth and impact of African culture 35:38 06/03/2020
Twitter's Kevin O’Donnell’s tips for artist to engage their audience 33:20 06/03/2020
Wagram Stories' Stephane Bourdoiseau’s experience on building a new business model 22:49 06/03/2020
Deborah Mannis-Gardner’s secrets on sample clearance 30:08 06/03/2020
Anthony Genn’s insights on the creation of Peaky Blinders music 26:48 06/03/2020
SoundExchange's Michael Huppe’s solutions for unifying data in a distributed digital world 28:22 06/03/2020
Recording Academy's Neil Portnow’s vision of the American music industry 47:10 06/03/2020
Dina LaPolt’s guide to advocating for songwriters’ rights 22:41 05/03/2020
Cortez Bryant's guide to create meaningful branding deals in the hip-hop era 27:38 05/03/2020
Maleek Berry's tips to being an independent artist and creating his own brand 28:56 04/03/2020
Sony/ATV's Jorge Mejia's guide to navigating music publishing in today’s Latin music industry 33:30 04/03/2020
Netease's Mathew Daniel's vision of the Chinese streaming market 32:16 04/03/2020
Marsha Vlasic's view of the role of a live music agent 36:11 04/03/2020
Femi Kuti's guide to the future of the African music industry 32:45 04/03/2020
Rebeca León's guide to female empowerment in today’s music industry 29:22 04/03/2020
Troy Carter’s thoughts about the future of music distribution 27:17 24/02/2020
Blur's Dave Rowntree's music industry tips for artists 42:26 16/01/2020