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Coco Jala Brat, Buba Corelli 02:57
LaMelo Jala Brat, Buba Corelli 02:48
Warsaw Jala Brat, Buba Corelli 02:40
Divljam Buba Corelli, Jala Brat, Coby 02:58
Roze Jala Brat, DeVito, Buba Corelli 03:04
Irina Shayk Buba Corelli 03:26
Gluh i Nijem Buba Corelli 03:03
Pilula Jala Brat, Buba Corelli 02:51
Criminal Jala Brat, Buba Corelli, RAF Camora 02:24
Ona'e Buba Corelli, Jala Brat, Coby 02:31

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Amar Hodžić (September 22, 1989), better known as Buba Corelli, is a Bosnian, rapper, producer, and entrepreneur. Even though he rose to prominence for his work with fellow MC Jala Brat, Buba Corelli has also handled production for renowned regional artists such as Maya Berović, Milan Stanković, and Severina. A Sarajevo native, he took upon rapping as a teenager and released his first song in 2004 with a childhood friend. After joining the hip-hop collective G-Recordz in 2009, he began a creative partnership with rapper Jala Brat that started in 2013 with the EP Sin City. Pakt s Đavolom, their first collaborative album together, saw the light in 2014. Following an arrest for drug charges in 2015, Buba Corelli broke into the mainstream through a feature on Rasta’s viral single “Habibi,” which quickly went viral on video streaming platforms. A third album with Jala Brat titled Kruna arrived in 2016 and was followed by a series of production credits that would cement the hip-hop duo as a production powerhouse, including Milan Stanković’s “Ego” (2017) and Maya Berović’s Viktorijina Tajna (2017) and 7 (2018). Preceded by the single “Mafia,” the pair’s fourth collaborative album Alfa and Omega dropped in 2018. That same year, Buba Corelli was sentenced to a year in prison for illegal drug trafficking. 2021 marked the return of the producer as a solo artist with the single “Gluh i Nijem,” which broke into the Top 50 in Austria.