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Blue Sunset Raffaele Petralia 05:35
Cells Raffaele Petralia 04:12
Panta Rei Raffaele Petralia 04:00
Touch the Sky Raffaele Petralia, Ainara Vila 03:32
Dream Raffaele Petralia 03:23
Rendezvous Raffaele Petralia 05:06
Falling Down (feat. Ann Dopira) (Deep Mix) Raffaele Petralia, Ann Dopira 02:45
Dream Raffaele Petralia 03:23
Parallel Dimension Raffaele Petralia 07:26
Intro Raffaele Petralia 02:41

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Born and raised in Sicily, dj/producer Raffaele Petralia begins to compose contemporary and avantgarde music. After a few years he was contaminated by Techno, Progressive and Deep sounds. His music sounds softly, darkest and melodies was influenced by classical music. The rhythm is almost obsessive with references to Mediterranean and Oriental drumming. Last year with the song "Call of the Tin" [Woompa Rec.] he reached the top10 position inside the Beatport's chart "Dance Top100 new releases". On August 4, 2019 was released "Dream" (Cafe De Anatolia - Buddha Deep Club) a new single in three different versions and on 8th October 2019 is out the new song "Weeks". December 2019: new album "Electronic Songs" include eight original songs. In February 2020 was released the official remix of "Yellow Sandcastle" a song by indie singer Irina Imme. His last singles "Touch the Sky" (feat. Ainara Vila) and "See the Sun" (feat. Avigail Danino) was published on May and August 2020. Last song "Falling Down" (feat. Ann Dopira) is available on all music platforms. In 2021 he published Amber Eyes feat. Giulia and Waiting for the Noise with Progressive Dreamers Labe. For booking and contacts: