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Emanuele Zuelli was born in Merano (BZ) in November 2001. At the age of 13, he moved to Verona to pursue his great passion and dream: to play football. He made his debut in Serie B in January 2020, at the age of 18, still plays in Serie B and the Under 19 national team. Football is his life, profession and passion, but you are allowed to follow everything that makes you feel good, especially at nineteen. Here then comes music into his life. He starts with some quick remixes and basics, then shyness aside, last summer his first steps and his first song.In his songs the metropolitan influences are clear, but the South American sound and flavor, very present, transmit idea of ​​a summer and a youth that must be fully lived. The new single "CARRETERA", in two versions: Radio and Club, is no exception. It transmits the will to live and catapults us into nights and journeys to lose our breath but, after some listening, we understand that Emanuele has put in something more than that. Between the lines, of a simple summer love story, which lasts one night and chasing each other to find each other, she has also hidden her story, her life, her commitment and her great love and passion. Keep running Emanuele the "Carretera" is long, hot and comes to you.