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Slow Wave Sleep started in 2015 as a notebook where Emilio used to transcribe dreams and thoughts. Once he bought a MIDI keyboard and a sequencer all the ideas flowed into instrumental music. The official debut "L’Ultimo Uomo" has been produced in a single room in Berlin after a period of instrumental demos, and it's been published on 23rd January 2018. Here Emilio's influences of classical, punk, black and mainstream music are fused into an eclectic style with lyrics in Italian. Few months later the second album "Chroma" is out, together with the music video of "Elogio della Follia" produced thanks to a crowdfunding campaign. In the meantime, a band is born to bring Slow Wave Sleep live on stage in clubs, festivals and competitions throughout Italy. In February 2019, Emilio, Gilberto, Stella and Gabriele, helped by Mimmo Crudo (OndAnomala, Il Parto delle Nuvole Pesanti), recorded the new album live in studio. From this moment on, Slow Wave Sleep is no more a solo project but a band.