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Here We Go Hard Rock Sofa, Hard Rock Sofa & Swanky Tunes, Swanky Tunes 06:00
Moloko (Mix Cut) Hard Rock Sofa, Skidka, Skidka and Hard Rock Sofa 04:10
Here We Go / Quasar Hard Rock Sofa, Swanky Tunes 03:23
Rasputin Hard Rock Sofa 05:58
Get Down Hard Rock Sofa, Eva Shaw 05:47
I Wanna Be Your Dog Swanky Tunes, Hard Rock Sofa 08:10
True Emotion Hard Rock Sofa 06:01
Chemistry (Turn The Flame Higher) Hard Rock Sofa, Matisse & Sadko, Swanky Tunes 06:14
Get Down Hard Rock Sofa, Eva Shaw 03:03
Crazy Things (feat. QUEEN SESSI) Hard Rock Sofa, Angelina Lavo, Queen Sessi 03:06

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Formed in the city of Smolensk in 2005, Hard Rock Sofa is one of the most acclaimed and exciting EDM acts to come out of Russia. Boasting a wide array of influences ranging from progressive house to rock, disco, and hip-hop, the trio is known for incorporating live instruments on their tracks, achieving a warmer, more organic sound. Originally composed of Alexander Shapovalov, Denis Chepikov, and Sergey Zuev, the group had their breakthrough in 2011 with the single “Blow Up,” which peaked at Number 2 on Beatport’s Top 100 and caught the attention of house music juggernauts Swedish House Mafia. Following Zuev’s departure from the band in 2012, their remix of David Guetta’s “Just One Last Time” topped Beatport’s Top 100 chart for five days. That same year, they were chosen as the opening act for Swedish House Mafia’s show at the Madison Square Garden. In 2013, “Here We Go,” produced in collaboration with Swanky Tunes, was featured on the soundtrack for Fast & Furious 6. Subsequently, Shapovalov left the group in 2015 to embark on a solo career, while Chepikov continued to release singles and remixes under the HRS moniker.