Doom Metal Essentials

Del stoner al sludge, aquí tienes 50 sombras de doom metal.

Canciones del playlist

The Ghoul Pentagram 05:14
Heaven and Hell (2009 Remaster) Black Sabbath 06:57
Bewitched Candlemass 06:36
Visions of Mortality Celtic Frost 04:47
The Tempter (Remastered 2020) Trouble 06:36
Antichrist Paul Chain 05:38
Dying Inside Saint Vitus 07:24
Death Penalty Witchfinder General 05:35
Nightmare Cirith Ungol 05:59
Tomorrow's Dream The Obsessed 03:01
Doom Over The World (Remix) Reverend Bizarre 07:37
Hippies Triumph Count Raven 04:48
Suicide King Unorthodox 03:00
The Maker Place of Skulls 05:05
The Black Mass Pagan Altar 05:21
Morbid Tears Memento Mori 04:19
Twist Of Cain (Album Version)


Danzig 04:18
On the Mountain Iron Man 03:46
Kingslayer Grand Magus 04:10
Blood Eagle Doomsword 08:10
Solarisphere Orange Goblin 06:11
Blood and Thunder The Gates of Slumber 04:34
Iron Swan The Sword 05:46
Funeralopolis Electric Wizard 08:43
Fake What's Yours EyeHateGod 03:37
The Cemetery Angels Crowbar 04:00
Bury Me in Smoke Down 07:04
Hot Lava Man Sleep 08:25
If I Burn Acid King 03:43
Stone a Pig


Bongzilla 09:47

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