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Eurovision Smash Hits

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Rise Like a Phoenix Helga Pretzer 03:02
Only Teardrops Amelia Flores 03:06
Euphoria Gunilla Berg 03:00
Running Scared Tammy and Col 03:00
Wild Dances Jasmina Verkov 03:04
Glorious Pop Hit Makers 03:30
Is It Right Arabella Hoch 03:52
Everybody Olev and Tate 02:56
Hard Rock Hallelujah Dynamite 04:07
Miss Kiss Kiss Bang Melody and Sway 03:02
Love Shine a Light Patti and the Dolls 02:50
Satellite Blanka Bader 02:55
Lipstick The Jigsters 03:52
Fairytale Uladzimir 03:02
Taken By a Stranger Blanka Bader 03:24
Every Way That I Can Semih 02:35
I Wanna Zuzanna 02:59
Insieme: 1992 Biagio Gori 02:58
Captured by a Lovestorm Michaela 02:56
Fly On the Wings of Love Mikkelson Bros 03:02

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