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Clubland big hitters, Faithless started life as a far more modest outfit, consisting of just two; musical prodigy Sister Bliss and her producer mate Rollo Armstrong. As stellar dance DJs themselves, the pair soon began producing tracks together and after recruiting vocalists Maxi Jazz and Jamie Catto in the mid Nineties, they quickly became a super-club tour de force. Within the year they were a worldwide phenomenon thanks to hit dance track Salve Mea (Save Me), followed hot on the heels by club classic Insomnia - which became a major dance anthem of its day - and the hugely popular Reverence. Further collections of work have since been released and, despite a personnel change after Catto's departure to form concept band 1 Giant Leap, the group continue to be a commercial success, producing well respected music for dance and pop fans alike. Whilst remaining together as a collective under the Faithless name, the band's members also enjoy impressive solo careers, teaming up with acts such as Dido (Rollo's sister), and DJing throughout the world.

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