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Джозеф Земфира, Mujuice 03:11
Rehab Mujuice 03:04
Химия Mujuice 04:09
Юность Mujuice 06:33
Кровь на танцполе Mujuice 04:40
Такое Фиговое Лето Mujuice 03:23
Zodiac Mujuice 03:32
Каждый день Mujuice 03:30
Журавли Mujuice 03:47
Утро которым мы умрём Mujuice 04:16

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Roman Litvinov (born October 14, 1983, Moscow) is a Russian musician, songwriter, film score composer, visual artist, designer. Considered one of the cornerstones of today’s Russian electronica, Mujuice splices together pieces of found sounds, electronic glitches and layers of acoustic material to create a dense matrix of melodies and ambiances that owe a debt to jazz, techno and Shostakovich in equal measure. The IDM label fails to do justice to the open-minded spirit of a producer, vocalist and instrumentalist who leaps between styles and rhythms with the greatest of ease (Sonar 2011). Roman has repeatedly recognized as one of the best Russian electionic artists, among the awards - GQ Russia / Musician of The Year 2011. Participant of RedBull Music Academy 2010. Preformed at festivals like Transmusicales Rennes, Sonar Barcelona, Fusion Berlin, SXSW Austin. Also presented personal exhibition with print art, sound and visual installations at MMOMA Moscow Museum of Modern Art in 2014.