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Eskimo Callboy

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Hypa Hypa Eskimo Callboy, We Butter The Bread With Butter 04:01
Best Day Eskimo Callboy 03:48
Hypa Hypa Eskimo Callboy 03:33
Hypa Hypa Eskimo Callboy, 257ers 02:00
Closure Eskimo Callboy 01:10
Rehab Eskimo Callboy 03:16
Crystals Eskimo Callboy 03:38
Monsieur Moustache Eskimo Callboy 02:55
Hate/Love Eskimo Callboy 03:08
Back in the Bizz Eskimo Callboy 03:07

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“Our new EP ‘MMXX’ contains all the restrained energy that we couldn‘t bring to the stage during these weird times”, says Kevin (vocals, keys) from German metalcore stars ESKIMO CALLBOY. Instead of playing several major European festivals and touring Russia in the spring and summer they focused on what made them start the band originally: having fun making music and being creative. After releasing their legendary self-titled EP 10 years ago “MMXX” marks the beginning of a new chapter, as it is the introduction of their new singer Nico Sallach (formerly To the Rats and Wolves). "I'm so happy to be part of the EC family”, Nico says. “We worked hard on the new EP and we had the best times doing so... We are more than excited when we can play finally our new songs!" From their humble beginnings as teenage regulars at the local youth club in their hometown of Castrop Rauxel to touring the world - they have played and partied in Russia, the States, Japan, China and South Africa - ESKIMO CALLBOY worked tirelessly for their journey to notoriety for the past 10 years. That they have scored three Top 10 placements on the German Top Album Charts is also an indication of the group’s work hard, play hard ethos. “Celebrating the good times! That‘s what EC has always been about!” the band comments. “We cannot wait to do so together with all of you once when we are finally back on tour.”