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As a leader he has released 3 albums: 'Maybe Tomorrow ' (2010) and 'The Enchanter' (2012) with the funky sextet NeighbourHood and the self-titled 'Kristian Persson Elements' in 2014. In 2015 he formed Apocalyptic Brass Collective, with some of the finest horn players in Europe, collaborating with Swedish artists such as , Linnea Henriksson , and Celo, Daniela Rathana, and Janice. As a freelancing trombone player, Kristian has worked with artists such as Allen Stone, Miike Snow, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Mark Lettieri, Hubet Laws and Genevieve Artadi. He's also a member of the Latin Grammy nominated salsa band Calle Real & has toured in Europe, Asia, Latin America, USA, Africa and The Middle East. Ever since the pandemic he has worked nonstop in the studio creating new music. In the last year he has released music with Swatkins, Philip Lassiter, Apocalyptic Brass Collective, Graciela Chin A Loi, Avatar Horns, MASAKA, Sebastian Argen, Javire Santiago and Noe Berne.