Show cover of WorldPride Pod Stage

WorldPride Pod Stage

We come together in Copenhagen, Malmö and this pod stage to raise the rainbow flag and stand up for equality and around the world. This will be a place where you can listen to all time favorites and discover new shows that you never heard of. It will be a new podcast every day but the joint theme is that all episodes will have a queer theme, regardless if the show is queer or not in general.


7 Queer Talk 37:20 2021-08-20
6. Man Enough 75:05 2021-08-18
5. She Explores 42:03 2021-08-17
4. The Moth 64:59 2021-08-15
3. Based on a true story 22:02 2021-08-13
2. Multiamory 65:31 2021-08-12
1. Radiolab 63:47 2021-08-12