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Albüm şarkıları

Intro-Iude TLC 01:03
Creep TLC 04:28
Kick Your Game TLC 04:14
Diggin' On You TLC 04:14
Case of the Fake People TLC 04:04
CrazySexyCool-Interlude TLC 01:42
Red Light Special TLC 05:02
Waterfalls TLC 04:36
Intermission-lude TLC 00:42
Let's Do it Again TLC 04:16
If I Was Your Girlfriend TLC 04:36
Sexy-Interlude TLC 01:35
Take Our Time TLC 04:33
Can I Get a Witness-Interlude TLC 02:57
Switch TLC 03:30
Sumthin' Wicked This Way Comes TLC 04:28

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