Album picture of Superhero vs Sci-Fi (The Ultimate Film & Trailer Soundtrack)

Superhero vs Sci-Fi (The Ultimate Film & Trailer Soundtrack)

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Rogue One (Trailer Mix) Johan Sommer 02:51
Don't Panic Aerial 04:43
Shoop / X Gon' Give It To Ya The Collective 02:09
Batman v Superman - Dawn of Justice (From the Movie Trailer Cover Version) L'Orchestre d'Academie 03:31
I Started A Joke ("Suicide Squad" Trailer Mix) Francine Quinn 03:08
Bohemian Rhapsody Francine Quinn 03:07
Meth Pusher (from the "Batman: Arkham Knight - Harley Quinn" Game Trailer) Sonic Machine 01:23
Thousand Eyes Jane Doe 04:03
The Future Is Upon Us (from "Heroes Reborn" TV Trailer) Sonic Machine 02:42
Legends Of Tomorrow Alain Silvesson 03:37
Come As You Are (Quantum Break Mix) Aerial 03:15
Silent Running Francine Quinn 04:00
Necromancer (From the "Supergirl" TV Trailer Cover Version) Johan Sommer 02:49
Panic Switch (from "Sucker Punch" Movie Trailer) Pistol Whipped 05:42
Spybreak (from "The Matrix") Fusion 04:02
Vibranium Sonic Machine 01:24
Clubbed to Death (from "The Matrix") Robert D 04:03
Dark World Sonic Machine 08:03
The Trials (From The "Halo 5 - Guardians" Game Cover Version) Johan Sommer 04:13
Mad World Mikjall 03:53

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