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Aigle royal Scylla, Sofiane Pamart 03:35
ETERNEL Scylla, Antoine Elie 03:47
Sakura Scylla, Sofiane Pamart, Lord Esperanza 04:21
Le monde est à mes pieds Scylla, Sofiane Pamart 03:33
Constellations Scylla, Sofiane Pamart 02:45
Voilier Scylla, Sofiane Pamart 04:09
Clope sur la lune Scylla, ISHA, Sofiane Pamart 06:01
Sale hyène Scylla 04:19
Saut de l'ange Scylla 03:52
ALVALM Scylla 03:27

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Scylla at Le Zénith De Pau (December 8, 2023) (CANCELLED)
Pau, France

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With an interest in music from a young age, rapper and songwriter Scylla formed a collective with fellow artists Karib, Masta Pi and DJ Alien called OPAK and released two albums, 'L'Arme à L'Oeil' in 2004, and 'Common Denominator' in 2006. In 2009, he set out on a solo career, releasing EP 'Immersion'. He participated in the competition 'Musique à la Française' in 2009, which he won, and this enabled him to gain recognition as a solo artist and to perform at various festivals in that year.

In 2011, he released a mini-album 'Thermocline' and another in 2012 called 'Second Shuffle'. His first full album 'Abysses' was released in 2013. It features collaborations with the artists Tunisian, REDK, Saké des Zakariens and Furax. The album reached number seven in the Belgian Ultra Top 40. Scylla's next album release was not until 2017 with 'Masque de Chair'. Three singles were also released from this album in the same year, 'Qui Suis-Je?', 'Enchanté' and 'Vivre'.

2018 saw him collaborating with pianist Sofiane Pamart in the release of the album 'Pleine Lune'. This included the singles 'L'Enfant et la Mer', 'Solitude', 'Le Monde est à Mes Pieds' and Voilier. The collaboration has been described as an encounter between voice, machine and acoustics. In 2019, he released the single 'Grand Casino' followed by another album 'BX Vice' which contained the single 'Ronaldo 9'.