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Жди меня там SEVÁK 02:58
Океан внутри тебя SEVÁK 03:18
Километры SEVÁK 02:55
Жди меня там SEVÁK 02:26
Сияй SEVÁK 02:58
Оставь себе SEVÁK 03:02
Сон SEVÁK 02:25
Зима SEVÁK 02:46
Без тебя не так SEVÁK 03:16
До луны SEVÁK 03:20

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A music career of an Armenian-born pop singer Sevak Khanagyan (b. 1987) began in 2015 when he took part at his first TV show Главная сцена (Main Stage). But it is the Ukrainian show X-Factor that happened to be Khanagyan’s golden ticket to a stardom. During the show Khanagyan presented his own song «Не молчи» (‘Do Not Keep Silence’) which had a warm accept from the public. The singer became a winner of the show’s 7th season. In 2017, Khanagyan released songs ‘When We Are Together’ and ‘My Oxygen’ and won Song of the Year award in Armenia for his track ‘Hayrenik’ (‘Motherland’) performed in Armenian language. The singer represented Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest (2018), his track ‘Qami’ (‘Wind’) was the first ever song performed in Armenian during the ESC. Sevak’s debut album Океан внутри тебя (Ocean Inside You) came out in 2019. Lyrical, dramatic, and passionate, the album well represented Khanagyan’s style. Later, he released a bunch of singles, the most successful of which were «Жди меня там» (Wait for Me Over There, 2020), «Сон» (‘Dream’, 2021), and «Без тебя не так» (‘Without You It’s Not Like That’, 2021).