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Dunkelheit Burzum 07:05
Valgaldr Burzum 07:57
Rundgang Um Die Transzendentale Saule Der Singularitat Burzum 25:11
Jesus' Tod Burzum 08:39
iii. Glemselens Elv Burzum 11:54
Gebrechlichkeit I Burzum 07:53
Erblicket Die Tochter Des Firmaments Burzum 07:53
My Journey To The Stars Burzum 08:10
Det Som Er Gang Var Burzum 14:22
Budstikken Burzum 10:10

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- Burzum

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Jesus' Tod
Erblicket Die Tochter Des Firmaments
Gebrechlichkeit I

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Burzum was a black metal band founded in Bergen, Norway in 1991. While considered one of the most influential groups in black metal history, they are equally known for their behind-the-scenes drama that included murder and a long prison sentence served by Burzum’s sole member Varg Vikernes (born in Bergen on February 11, 1973). Vikernes played with a series of Norwegian metal bands before forming Burzum and sending out demo tapes. Signing with Mayhem guitarist Euronymous’ Deathlike Silence label, Burzum’s self-titled debut album was released in 1992. After bringing in other members in an attempt to become a live band, Vikernes decided he didn’t want to play live anymore so he returned to the studio as a one-man band and released the album Det Som Engang Var in 1993. After the release of the album Hvis Lyset Tar Oss (1994), Vikernes was arrested for the murder of his former label boss and musical rival Euronymous and for burning down several Norwegian churches. In May 1994, he was sentenced to 21 years in prison. While he was serving time, the album Filosofem was released in 1996. This was the last album Vikernes had recorded before his prison sentence began. While in prison, he recorded two more albums -  Dauði Baldrs (1997) and Hliðskjálf (1999) – both of which were dark electronic albums since he did not have access to any instrument apart from a synthesizer. There were also several compilations released during his time in prison including 2005’s Draugen – Rarities. Paroled in 2009, he reactivated Burzum and released the albums Belus (2010), Fallen (2011), Umskiptar (2012), Sôl Austan, Mâni Vestan (2013), and The Ways of Yore (2014). In 2018, Vikernes announced that he would no longer be recording under the name Burzum. Two years later, the group’s final 2018 recordings were released as the album Thulêan Mysteries (2020).