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Sniper Gang Freestyle Pt. 2 22Gz 02:44
Why Would I Lack? (feat. SPMB Bills) 22Gz, SPMB Bills 02:56
Careers 22Gz 02:55
Twirlanta 22Gz 02:58
Suburban, Pt. 2 22Gz 03:10
Max Out (feat. Shawny Binladen) 22Gz, Shawny Binladen 02:11
Keep A Blixky 22Gz 02:22
Loyalty (feat. Internet Money) 22Gz, Internet money 02:00
Retaliation 22Gz 02:28
Fallen Blixkys 22Gz 02:14

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Year of the Blixky

- 22Gz


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22Gz is the stage name of New York City-based rapper Jeffrey Alexander, whose viral hit "Suburban" helped jumpstart Brooklyn's drill scene during the late 2010s. Born in Brooklyn on November 29, 1997, he began his career as a subway performer and released his debut single, "Blixky," in 2016. "Suburban" followed one year later and quickly became a viral sensation, earning 22Gz a large audience on digital platforms like YouTube and Spotify. Additional singles like "Why" and "Got Those" increased his reputation not only in the Brooklyn underground, but also in the world of mainstream hip-hop, ultimately leading to a partnership with chart-topping rapper Kodak Black. 22Gz soon signed with Black's label, Sniper Gang, and the two appeared together on the 2018 single "Spin The Block," which arrived one year before 22Gz's full-length debut, The Blixky Tape. 22Gz continued to evolve his lyrical, aggressive style on a number of non-album singles, many of which featured cameos from MaxThaDemon, Shawny Binladen, Ciggy Black, AXL Beats, and other rappers. "Suburban, Pt. 2" was released in 2019 and became his biggest single to date, earning upwards of 30 million streams on Spotify by the time its accompanying album, Growth & Development, appeared in April 2020. Another string of standalone singles followed in Growth & Development's wake, with "YTB (Yellow Tape Blixky)," "Movie," and "Fallen Blixkys" all being released during the latter half of 2020.