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Viastika Kaiti Garbi 03:56
Tha Melanholiso Kaiti Garbi 03:25
Kivotos Kaiti Garbi 04:11
Pes' To M'Ena Fili Kaiti Garbi 03:40
Se Poliorkia (Pes Pes) Kaiti Garbi 03:30
Katapliktiko Kaiti Garbi 03:46
Viastika Kaiti Garbi 04:55
Oli Mou I Stenahoria Kaiti Garbi 04:22
Ftou Xelefteria Kaiti Garbi 03:27
Ne Iparho Ego Kaiti Garbi 03:00

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To Kati

- Kaiti Garbi

353 takipçi

To Kati
Alitaki Mou
Epitelous (with Natassa Theodoridou)
Pragmata Spao

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Katy Garbi is one of the most successful singers to come out of Greece, with a career that has spanned three decades and produced multiple platinum-selling hit albums.

Garbi got her start in music at 15 when she and her younger sister, 13-year-old Liana, began performing as The Garbi Sisters, most memorably providing backing vocals for Yannis Floriniotis in the early 1980s. In 1987 Garbi struck out on her own, recording the song 'Sain Trope' and appearing alongside other new artists including Manto, Polina and Sophia Vossou on the compilation album 'Ta Deka Dekaria'. A second volume featuring two new tracks from Garbi followed in 1989 and piqued the interest of labels, landing Garbi a deal with CBS that year and leading to her first album, 'Prova'.

It led to the follow-ups 'Gyalia Karfia' (1990) and 'Entalma Silepseos' (1991) before Garbi shifted in a more poppy direction with her fourth album, 'Tou Feggariou Anapnoes'. It went Gold and led to Garbi's selection for the 1993 Eurovision Song Contest. She placed ninth, setting the stage for greater success through the rest of the '90s including the platinum-selling 'Os Ton Paradeiso', double-platinum 'Atofio Hrysafi' and triple-platinum records 'Arhizo Polemo' and 'Evaisthisies'. All of them reached number one in the Greek album charts.

Throughout the early and mid-1990s Garbi had been linked to fellow singer Dionisis Schinas in an on-again/off-again relationship. The romance reached a head when Schinas proposed on live television and the couple were married in 1997, having their first and only child together in 1999.

Garbi's chart success continued into the 2000s with a string of top-ten albums, three of which reached number one in Greece.