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Barenaked Ladies

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One Week Barenaked Ladies 02:49
Waning Moon Barenaked Ladies 03:47
Just Wait Barenaked Ladies 03:38
I Love You Barenaked Ladies 04:08
One Night Barenaked Ladies 03:17
Enough Time Barenaked Ladies 03:03
Lovin' Life Barenaked Ladies 03:34
The Dream Hotel Barenaked Ladies 04:38
Fifty for a While Barenaked Ladies 03:11
What Do We Need? Barenaked Ladies 03:03

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In Flight

- Barenaked Ladies


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Best known for their amusing lyrics and humorous performances, Canada's most famous export Barenaked Ladies was formed by Ed Robertson and Steve Page back in the 1980s. They later recruited bassist Jim Creeggan and his brother Andy, as well as drummer Tyler Stewart. Their rise to fame came off the back of a cassette tape of songs, Yellow Tape, which was sold locally at concerts but became so popular it achieved the status as Canada's first independently-released cassette to go platinum. Record companies soon came knocking on the door and the band's first album, Gordon came out in 1992. Despite further offerings, its success was not replicated and Andy Creeggan left the band. He was replaced in 1995 by Kevin Hearn who came on board in time to tour with Billy Bragg. Three years later they hit the big time with Stunt, finally achieving worldwide recognition. The band remains popular but nothing like the glory of their fourth album followed. Founder member Page, left to pursue solo projects in 2009 though the Ladies carry on...