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A Memory Construct Dark Tranquillity 04:53
Atoma Dark Tranquillity 04:19
Lethe Dark Tranquillity 04:42
...of Melancholy Burning Dark Tranquillity 06:16
The Science of Noise Dark Tranquillity 03:45
The Treason Wall Dark Tranquillity 03:30
Misery's Crown Dark Tranquillity 04:14
Phantom Days Dark Tranquillity 03:59
Haven Dark Tranquillity 03:32
What Only You Know Dark Tranquillity 04:01

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A band deeply associated with the
Gothenburg sound, a subset of Swedish death metal, Dark Tranquillity began in
the late 1980s when guitarists Mikael Stanne and Niklas Sundin teamed with drummer
Anders Jivarp, bassist Martin Kenriksson, and singer Anders Fridén. Though initially
calling themselves Septic Broiler, they recorded a handful of demos in the early
90s before finding both their new name and their signature sound on their 1993
debut Skydancer. In he first of many line-up changes, Fridén exited the group at which
point Stanne became the lead singer, and Fredrik Johansson joined as the new
second guitarist. This was the quintet that recorded 1995’s The Gallery,
an LP that fused heavy metal with death metal by serving up a tight rhythm
section in support of fast and fiery leads. The album earned them international
recognition as leaders in death metal. 1997’s The Mind’s I faithfully
followed the template of their breakthrough, but they allowed their sound to
evolve with electronic experimentation and varying the sound of the lead vocals,
while always wedding a surprising knack for melody with the aggression expected
in death-metal bands. 21st century albus like 2005’s Character
kept them near the top of their genre. They continued to record and tour
regularly, but the schedule led to several personnel changes over the years. In
September 2020, thirty years after their formation, Stanne and his current
line-up released the single “Phantom Days” ahead of their 12th
studio album, Moment, which followed in November.