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Kerouac's Dream
A House by the River
A Road Too Long
Back Again

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Allan Taylor's career as a critically-acclaimed British songwriter stretches across five decades, with highlights including his early work alongside Fairport Convention as well as his Grand Prix du Disque de Montreux-winning album, The Traveller. He was born in Brighton on September 30, 1945, and began playing his hometown's folk circuit as a teenager. Following a national tour with Fairport Convention, he signed with United Artists in 1970 and released his debut album, The Lady, in 1971. After releasing a follow-up album, Sometimes, that same year, he moved to New York City and became an unsung hero of the Greenwich Village's folk scene, playing the same venues that previously hosted Bob Dylan and other folk legends. Recorded in Nashville and Los Angeles, 1973's The American Album captured this stateside era of Taylor's career. He then returned to the UK, where he released an album with the short-lived band Cajun Moon before returning to his solo career with The Traveller. Released in 1978, The Traveller was a success, receiving the Grand Prix du Disque de Montreux for "Best Folk Album" and paving the way for a steady stream of studio records, live albums, and other releases throughout the following decades. Remaining prolific well into the twenty-first century, he released There Was a Time in 2016 and Behind the Mix in 2017