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Когда ты станешь большим Денис Клявер 03:57
Половинка DJ DimixeR, Денис Клявер 02:40
Тебя удача найдёт Денис Клявер 03:19
Как ты была красива Денис Клявер 03:34
Странный сон Денис Клявер 03:19
Брачный кортеж Денис Клявер 03:35
Дружба? Денис Клявер, Слава 03:42

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The Russian pop singer Denis Klyaver was born on April 6th, 1975 into an artistic family. He graduated from the State School of Music in his native city of Saint Petersburg (then – Leningrad) where he received classical trumpet education. In 1994, he met Stas Kostyushkin and together they founded a pop duo named Чай вдвоем (Tea for Two). There was a deal inside the band: Kostyushkin was writing all the texts, while all the music was Klyavers’. The duo was active from 1994 to 2012, had released 11 albums, and received Song of the Year (twice) and Golden Gramophone Music Awards (6 times). The tracks «Я не забуду» ("I Will not Forget") (1995), «Ласковая моя» ("Gentle") (2002) and «День рождения» ("Birthday") (2005) became band’s biggest hits. In 2012, both Klyaver and Kostyushkin decided to pursue their solo careers. The next year, Klyaver released his first solo album Не такая как все (Not Like the Others). In 2016, the singer received Golden Gramophone for his song «Начнём сначала» ("Begin Again") from his second album Любовь живёт три года?.. (Love Lasts Three Years..?). Klyaver also recorded a mini-album Любовь – тишина (Love – Silence) in 2017 and a studio album Тебя удача найдёт (Luck Will Find You) (2021) in which he covered Dima Malikov’s song of 1991 «Брачный кортеж» (Wedding Cortege).