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Libertad Nil Moliner 03:38
VUELA ALTO Nil Moliner 02:58
Hijos de la Tierra Nil Moliner 03:30
La Chispa Lerica, Nil Moliner 02:44
El Despertar Nil Moliner 03:26
Volveré a Empezar Stay Homas, Nil Moliner 02:28
LUCES DE CIUDAD (feat. Álvaro De Luna, Dani Fernández) Nil Moliner, Alvaro De Luna, Dani Fernández 02:43
Tal Vez Nil Moliner 03:55
Soldadito de Hierro (feat. Dani Fernández) Nil Moliner, Dani Fernández 03:33
Som Ocells Nil Moliner 02:58

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Nil Moliner is a Spanish singer-songwriter who came to fame initially at the age of 13 in 2005 with the Catalan pop-rock band CyBee. Leaving the band he began performing solo, playing in bars and clubs in Barcelona. He also took to uploading his own cover versions of songs to YouTube, which brought him to the attention of other artists. Having recorded and released songs from his own studio, he returned to collaboration with his erstwhile CyBee producers Manu Guix and Roger Rodés to release a series of singles and an EP 'Children of Earth'. He duetted with Guix and collaborated with Rayden and Bely Basarte. In 2017 and 2018 he also composed songs for the Spanish entries to the Eurovision Song Contest, although neither song made it the contest itself. 2019 saw his single, 'Soldadito de Hierro' achieving gold status in Spain.