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Hurra die Welt geht unter K.I.Z, Henning May 04:44
Hurra die Welt geht unter AnnenMayKantereit, K.I.Z 04:41
Neuruppin K.I.Z, Kuba, Cannibal Rob 05:23
Glücklich und satt K.I.Z 04:27
Ehrenlos K.I.Z 04:25
Geld K.I.Z 03:27
Jimi Blue K.I.Z 02:17
Geld essen (Ausgestopfte Rapper) K.I.Z 04:20
Halbstark K.I.Z 03:16
Ariane K.I.Z 05:00

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- Tarek K.I.Z, Drunken Masters, K.I.Z


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Composed of rappers Tarek, Nico, Maxim, and DJ Craft, K.I.Z is a German hip-hop collective known for its ironic, socially-charged lyrics and anti-far-right political stance. Formed in 2000 in the Reimliga Battle Arena RBA, all four members of the group cut their teeth in the rap cipher scene before delivering RapDeutschlandKettensägenMassaker, their studio debut, in 2005. A mixtape titled Böhse Enkelz arrived in 2006 as they toured Germany as the opening act for Bloodhound Gang. Their first taste of success came in 2007 with the album Hahnenkampf, which hit Number 9 in their native country and prompted a tour throughout Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In the following years, K.I.Z entered the Top 10 in the German Albums Chart with Sexismus gegen Rechts (2009) and Urlaub fürs Gehirn (2011), and achieve their first Number 1 record with the apocalyptic concept album Hurra die Welt geht unter (2015). After DJ Craft’s departure from the band in 2018, the trio dropped the single “Berghainschlange,” a teaser from their third mixtape, K.I.Z und das Geheimnis der unbeglichenenen Bordellrechnung, finally released in 2020. A year later, K.I.Z reached the top of the German charts once again with their sixth full-length Rap über Hass (2021), spawning a total of five charting singles including the title track, “VIP in der Psychiatrie,” “Ich ficke euch (alle),” “Mehr als nur ein Fan,” and “Kinderkram,” which went to Number 52 on the German Singles Chart.