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Das ist alles von der Kunstfreiheit gedeckt Danger Dan 03:48
Mir kann nichts passieren ANTILOPEN GANG, Danger Dan, Max Herre 02:50
Eine gute Nachricht Danger Dan 03:20
Nudeln und Klopapier Danger Dan 02:51
Ingloria Victoria Danger Dan 03:00
Lauf davon Danger Dan 04:11
Trotzdem Danger Dan 02:35
Topf und Deckel Danger Dan 03:06
Die Grundvoraussetzung Danger Dan 02:43
Drei gegen einen (mit Koljah & Panik Panzer) Danger Dan, Koljah, Panik Panzer 03:47

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Lauf davon


Das ist alles von der Kunstfreiheit gedeckt




Ich verprügelte die Sextouristen in Bangkok


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Danger Dan is the pseudonym of German rapper Daniel Pongratz, born June 1, 1983 in Aachen. Encouraged by his parents, he developed a passion for music from a very early age, playing in a couple of punk bands before being introduced to hip-hop by his brother. While studying music therapy at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands, he met fellow student Sebastian Sturm, with whom he recorded the albums This Change Is Nice (2006) and One Moment in Peace (2008). It was around that time that he also formed the gangsta rap parody project Caught in the Crack and the hip-hop crew Antilopen Gang with his brother Tobias, aka Panik Panzer. In 2008, Danger Dan released his debut EP Coming Out, which included the track “Summer Lie,” one of the first German rap songs to openly talk about the Holocaust and Anti-Semitism. He followed up in 2012 with another EP titled Dinkelbrot & Ölsardinen and the collaborative album Aschenbecher, recorded with rapper NMZS. His first solo album, Reflexionen aus dem beschönigten Leben, saw the light in 2018 via JKP Records and reached Number 20 on the German charts. In 2021, Danger Dan made the headlines again with the track “Das ist alles von der Kunstfreiheit,” which questioned the limitations of artistic freedom in Germany. The song peaked at Number 69 and soon went viral online with an accompanying video that racked up over 1.3 million views on video-sharing platforms.