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Clouds Across the Moon The RAH Band 06:52
Messages from the Stars The RAH Band 07:40
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Founded in England in 1977, The RAH Band was created by 1960s arranger Richard Anthony Hewson, who had previously worked with prominent musicians including the Beatles, Diana Ross, Carly Simon and Fleetwood Mac during his early career. Forming his own one-man-band using his own initials, R.A.H, Hewson sang and played every instrument, including guitar and pedalled keyboards. The RAH band’s first single “The Crunch” was released in 1977, peaking at number 6 on the UK Singles Chart and featured on his first album The Crunch & Beyond.  This was followed with jazz-funk albums RAH Band and Going Up, however it was soul ballad “Clouds Across the Moon” from his fourth studio album Mystery released in March 1985, that saw him gain popularity in the U.K and across Europe. After an extended hiatus, Hewson re-emerged in 2002 with synthpop album Something About the Music, originally due for release in 1987 and dropped due to conflicts with his record label. Since then, the RAH band has released a further six compilation albums, consisting of remixes and unreleased material, and seven singles including “One Day We’ll Smile Again” released November 26, 2021, featuring English popstar Bella Hutton.