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Macarena Los Del Río 03:42
Macarena Los Del Río 04:12
Macarena Los Del Río 05:06
Macarena Los Del Río 04:09
Macarena Los Del Río 05:43
Macarena Los Del Río 05:43
Macarena Los Del Río 05:37
Sevilla Tiene un Color Especial Los Del Río 03:50
San Sereni Los Del Río 04:36
Sevilla Tiene un Color Especial Los Del Río 03:47

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Best known for their worldwide smash hit “Macarena” in the 1990s, rumba flamenco duo Los del Rios was formed in Andalusia, Spain in 1962 by Antonio Romero Monge and Rafael Ruiz Perdigones. Beginning in 1967, they released a handful of singles before releasing their debut album, De Triana Al Rocio, in 1971. Over the course of the next two decades, they released over a dozen albums and numerous singles but didn’t achieve much success outside of Spain. In 1993, they released the album A Mi Me Gusta, which featured the hit “Macarena”. However, the song didn’t become an international hit in 1995 when The Bayside Boys’ remix of the track was released. The song reached Number 1 on the US chart and started a dance movement, which became extremely popular. Cashing in on the song’s popularity, a group named Los del Mar released their version of the song, which was also a hit. Los del Rios continued to release singles and albums and remained popular in Spain, but their international success came to an end when the “Macarena” craze died down. Los del Rio did attempt to cash in on their own success with songs such as “Macarena Christmas”, but they will best be remembered for the massive success of “Macarena.”