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Yoksun Faxo, Muhabbet 02:47
Sie liegt in meinen Armen Muhabbet 04:23
Aşkın hala yüreğimde Muhabbet, Dilara 03:20
Beni Birakip Gitme Muhabbet, Berrin Keklikler 03:57
Yemin ederim Muhabbet 03:06
Unsicherheiten Muhabbet, Dilara Günes 02:23
Seninle Uyanmadan Muhabbet 04:29
Deine Erinnerung Muhabbet 04:24
Sensiz Muhabbet 03:52
Deine Liebe Muhabbet 04:06

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Deine Erinnerung

- Muhabbet


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Murat Ersen (August 3, 1984), better known by his stage name Muhabbet, is a German singer of Turkish descent. He is the creator of a genre called R'n'Besk, a style that combines oriental pop with elements from modern R&B. At the age of 11, he began recording his songs at home with his brother, a project they dubbed Kanaken-Kollabo. In the summer of 2005, he began working with producers Ünal Yüksel and Volga Tamöz on what would become his first single. Released later that year, "Sie liegt in meinen Armen" proved incredibly popular among Turkish immigrants in German-speaking countries and climbed to Number 15 on the GfK Singles Chart. This success was followed by the release of his studio debut R'n'Besk in early 2006. A year later, Muhabbet found himself at the center of a controversy when he was accused by the press of inciting violence through his lyrics, something he later categorically denied. Subsequently, he resumed his career with titles such as The Album (2009), Melekler Sahit (2011), and Universe (2012).