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Good Time Buckcherry 02:52
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Hellbound Buckcherry 04:02
Sorry Buckcherry 04:04
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Good Time

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A throwback to the sleazy hard rock hedonism that poured from LA's
Sunset Strip in the late 1980s, Anaheim, California’s Buckcherry brought biker
swagger and grunting confidence back to a scene that had been taken over by
introverted grunge bands. Front man Josh Todd originally met guitarist Keith
Nelson through his tattoo artist, and the duo were making demo recordings when
bass player Jonathan Brightman heard them playing through the walls of their
rehearsal studio and was convinced to join the band. Drummer Devon Glenn
completed the first line-up in 1995 and, after taking their name from a drag
queen friend, they slogged away in local dive bars and rock clubs, before landing
a record deal with Dreamworks and recruiting Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones
to co-produce their self-titled debut album in 1999. They toured with Lenny
Kravitz and AC/DC and their giant grizzly riffs and explosive, rock & roll
nihilism helped their second album Time Bomb earn comparisons to the
likes of KISS, Guns N' Roses and Van Halen. After a short break-up, Todd
reformed Buckcherry in 2005 with Nelson and new members Stevie D, Jimmy
Ashhurst and Xavier Muriel, releasing the rip-roaring Grammy-nominated hit “Crazy
. Comeback album 15 reached platinum status in 2006, while the
tearjerking, confessional ballad “Sorry” reached number 9, their first single
to crack the top 40 on the pop chart. Follow-up albums Black Butterfly
in 2008 and All Night Long in 2010 both went on to make the US top 10,
and over the years they remained loyal to the raw, strutting rock showmanship
that first inspired them. Buckcherry returned, without original member Nelson, on
eighth studio album Warpaint in 2019.
After swapping out lead
guitarist Kevin Roentgen for Billy Rowe, the band released Hellbound in