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Words F.R. David 03:29
Pick Up the Phone F.R. David 03:15
Sahara Night F.R. David 04:20
Words F.R. David 03:31
Music F.R. David 03:13
I Surrender F.R. David 03:39
Take Me Back F.R. David 03:11
The First to Know F.R. David 03:37
Girl (You're My Song) F.R. David 03:41
Don't Go F.R. David 04:33

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Pick Up the Phone
Take Me Back

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French singer F.R. David was born in Tunisia on 1st January 1947 and forged a career in various rock groups during the 1960s, notably Les Variations, under his real name Robert Fitoussi. He formed the prog rock group David Explosion in the early '70s and released a sole album to little fanfare, before becoming a guitarist for the legendary Vangelis, making an appearance as a vocalist on some of his early 1970s albums while adding his vocal to 1974 single "Who" by Vangelis under the name Odyssey. He joined French rockers Les Variations, dropping into their final album Café De Paris (1975), before re-embarking on his solo career in the early '80s with "Words (Don't Come Easy)," which topped the charts in several European countries and reached number 2 in France and the UK. The track was later featured in the 2017 Oscar-nominated film for Best Picture, Call Me by Your Name. He continued to put out music intermittently over subsequent decades, releasing Midnight Drive in 2013 and two singles in 2018: "Your Love Shines" and "Paris is Her Home." In 2022, he returned with "Time Is Not Mine."