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This December Ricky Montgomery 03:01
Mr Loverman Ricky Montgomery 03:36
Line Without a Hook Ricky Montgomery 04:09
Line Without a Hook (feat. mxmtoon) Ricky Montgomery, Mxmtoon 04:11
Dont Know How Ricky Montgomery 03:03
Sorry for Me Ricky Montgomery 03:17
Mr Loverman (feat. chloe moriondo) Ricky Montgomery, Chloe moriondo 03:35
My Heart Is Buried In Venice Ricky Montgomery 03:04
Talk to You Ricky Montgomery 03:34
Snow Ricky Montgomery 04:36

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Ricky Montgomery (April 3, 1993) is an American singer-songwriter who had his big break in 2020 with the singles "Mr. Loverman" and "Line Without a Hook." A Los Angeles native, he moved to St. Louis, Missouri, after his parents divorced in 2005. During his teenage years, he began to play in several local bands and gained a substantial following on the Vine social network. Caught on the Moon, his first EP appeared in 2014. After dropping out of college, Ricky Montgomery returned to Los Angeles to pursue a music career. In 2016, he released his eponymous studio debut and founded the indie band The Honeysticks as a way to channel his musical experiments. By 2020, his struggles to find an audience led him to almost give up on music entirely. However, that same year, his singles "Mr. Loverman" and "Line Without a Hook" went viral on TikTok, helping him to land a record deal with Warner Brothers. The following year, both songs received the remix treatment by Chloe Moriondo and mxmtoon, respectively. As a result, tracks like "My Heart Is Buried in Venice," also from his 2016 studio debut, saw a significant increase in streaming numbers.