Lofi Girl - beats to relax/study to

A daily selection of chill beats - perfect to help you relax & study ­čôÜ Click here if you need lofi sleep ­čĺĄ

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Isolation Dosi, Wishes and Dreams 02:01
Vinosity Lesky, Beyond Moments 01:49
Surroundings Tibeauthetraveler, Dontcry 02:41
Ethereal Hevi, H.1 02:20
Willpower L'outlander 02:43
better days Steezy Prime, Devon Rea, Fnonose 02:00
Inhale Hoogway, Nowun 02:41
Dusk S N U G, Mondo Loops 02:36
Shadows Dosi 02:37
A Warm Embrace Osaki, Casiio 02:29
The Bad Party Wys 03:14
Under A Wishing Sky Lilac 01:12
A Little Help HM Surf 02:21
Force of Nature So.Lo, Goson 02:13
Daydreaming Tenno 02:53
edda Kanisan, Dario Lessing, Claudia Lessing 01:54
Garden Kayba, Lomme 02:27
Reflecting Loafy Building, Hoogway 02:13
too dark Fnonose, Morningtime 02:41
Patience Brings Prosperity Kainbeats 01:53
Birds In The Sky Mindeliq, Neele Harder 02:30
Setting Sails Sitting duck, Mondo Loops 01:54
mountains Fnonose, Morningtime 02:29
Mist Nokiaa, Dontcry 02:04
Blossom So.Lo, Goson 02:05
willow hill Spencer Hunt 01:52
Afterglow Casiio, Sleepermane 02:24
Feel Away Sleepermane, Dontcry 02:22
Spanish Castle Wys, Sweet Medicine 02:40
Mourning Dove Wys, Sweet Medicine 02:21