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In the Now



Album Tracks

The Reason (feat. Dmbeats) Kampsy, DMBeats 03:43
The Dog Star Kampsy 02:10
We Exist Kampsy 02:48
Hydrophilics (feat. Joe Leytrick & Smugmunny) Kampsy, Smugmunny, Joe Leytrick 03:56
Cell Damage (feat. Mbkswitch & Icybeatz)


Kampsy, Icybeatz, Mbkswitch 03:05
My Only Friend (feat. Chow Mane) Kampsy, Chow Mane 05:02
Bossa Trap (feat. Smugmunny & Dmbeats)


Kampsy, DMBeats, Smugmunny 04:29
Time (feat. Mandra) Kampsy, Mandra 03:10
His and Hers (feat. Lalune) Kampsy, LALUNE 04:08
Explocean Kampsy 02:45

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