Album picture of Uplifting Only Episode 343 (incl. Vocal Trance)

Uplifting Only Episode 343 (incl. Vocal Trance)

Ori Uplift Radio


Album Tracks

Uplifting Only [UpOnly 343] (Intro) Ori Uplift Radio 00:32
Do You Feel The Same [UpOnly 343] (Intro Mix Cut) AlexSo, Stas Obukhov 02:41
Uplifting Only [UpOnly 343] (Welcome & Coming Up In Episode 343) Ori Uplift Radio 00:46
Want You To Go [UpOnly 343] (Vocal Mix - Mix Cut) Tycoos, Sandro Mireno, Alaera 03:19
Uplifting Only [UpOnly 343] (Emoiryah: Next Up: A Story about Grace) Ori Uplift Radio 00:30
Grace [UpOnly 343] (Mix Cut) Sincere, Emoiryah 05:06
Serenity [UpOnly 343] (Mix Cut) Roman Messer, Cari 04:55
Benedictus [PRE-RELEASE PICK] [UpOnly 343] (Mix Cut) Paul Pollux, Sandro Mireno 03:46
Chasing Dreams **Exclusive Premiere** [UpOnly 343] (Mix Cut) Seraphic 05:47
Euphoric Dream [UpOnly 343] (Factoria's How It Used To Be Remix - Mix Cut) Kev Wild 03:12